Founded in 2009, PixelDistortion aims to provide affordable & creative solutions to help you access the power of an online presence.

What makes us different? Quite simply; Our approach. At PixelDistortion, our passion is to help you make your vision of a media-rich website a reality with limitless possibilities. We also aim to break the box model so many other companies push at you, because we believe that nobody should be constrained with digital media. You should be the master of your own website, and this is something we'd love to help you experience.

Info: pfaieta@pixeldistortion.com




The old website... (PHP/HTML/jQuery/CSS/Adobe Photoshop)

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Professional Sales Process

Sales process diagram (Adobe Illustrator)

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Flash Survey - Reversal Theory

Survey with PHP mailer (Adobe Flash/ActionScript 3.0)

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Flash Animation - MTCU

Animation (Adobe Flash/Adobe Audition/ActionScript 3.0)

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Storyline - Blank Template

Sample Module (Articulate Storyline 1)

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Storyline - Sample Module 1

Sample Module (Articulate Storyline 1/Adobe Photoshop)

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Storyline - Sample Module 2

Sample Module (Articulate Storyline 1/Adobe Photoshop)

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We offer a variety of services for your online presence like photo editing, web design & development, and animation. We strive to bring you a responsive and light-weight solution to help you get the most out of the web and your multimedia.

We'll also be there to help you along the way if you have any questions about how this all works.



If you'd like to find out more about us, you can check out our Facebook Page or send us an Email .